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The positive factors of the construction steel market in September outweigh the negative factors

Publisher: Hong Kong Waste Recycling Company Release time: 2017-09-08 Read: 899 times

月份,修建鋼材商場冷季不淡,價格持續攀升。 In August , the construction of steel shopping malls was not cold, and prices continued to rise. 月份修建鋼材商場走勢怎麽 ? 上海華磊企業發展有限公司總經理梁太庚在承受記者采訪時表明, 9 月份國內修建鋼材商場價格將高位震動,期貨、現貨商場行情仍有創新高的可能。 In September , the general manager of Shanghai Hualei Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. Liang Taigeng said in an interview with reporters that the price of domestic steel shopping malls will be shaken at a high level in September , and the market for futures and spot shopping malls may still reach new highs.


One is the enthusiasm of steel mills. 月份,國內鋼材商場冷季不淡,價格持續攀升,鋼廠贏利豐盛,出產積極性很高。 In August , domestic steel shopping malls are not cold, prices continue to rise, steel mills are profitable, and production enthusiasm is high. It is understood that the capacity utilization rate of compliant steel companies that are in line with the environmental protection policy has now reached its peak, and the "golden nine silver ten" is the peak season for steel shopping malls, and steel mills will produce at full capacity to add output value.


The second is the adjustment of the production structure of the steel mill. Recently, the prices of cold and hot rolled coils and plate have risen steadily, and the prices have risen significantly. Steel mills have adjusted their production schedules, paying more attention to the production of plates, and reducing the output value of steel construction, which will have a certain impact on the supply of steel shopping malls in the future .


The third is the change in the steel export situation. 9 月份的鋼材出口量或將持續削減,而出口削減的這部分鋼材將投放到國內商場,導致國內商場供應增多。 Since the beginning of this year, China's steel export volume has dropped significantly. In September , steel export volume may continue to be reduced, and this part of steel export reduction will be put into domestic malls, resulting in an increase in domestic mall supply.


9 月份,修建鋼材商場的利好要素大於利空要素,鋼貿商對以下壹些影響後市行情的要素仍須關註和註重: Liang Taigeng said that in September , the positive factors for the construction of steel shopping malls are greater than the negative factors. Steel traders still have to pay attention and pay attention to the following factors that affect the market outlook:


One is due to the impact of environmental protection, the construction of steel shopping malls has changed the supply and demand. 3 家鋼廠被要求在 8 31 日前全面停產,影響產能達 300 萬噸 ; 河北唐山豐盈區域大都調坯軋材企業已依照《唐山市環境保護局豐盈分局關於我區鋼鐵行業請求處理排汙許可證作業程序及要求》停產,主要觸及的種類有型鋼、螺紋鋼、線材和窄帶鋼。 It is reported that three steel mills in the Handan region of Hebei were required to stop production in full before August 31 , affecting a production capacity of 3 million tons ; most of the billet rolling and rolling products companies in the Tangshan Fengying region of Hebei Province have followed the "Tangshan City Environmental Protection Bureau Fengying Branch Bureau's steel The industry requests to deal with the operation procedures and requirements of sewage permits. "The production is discontinued, and the main types touched are section steel, rebar, wire rod and narrow strip steel. The enterprises that produce building materials such as yellow sand, stones, cement, etc. also have environmental pollution problems. Some enterprises have been shut down during environmental protection inspections, which has affected the construction of local construction projects. Certainty directly affects the market trend.


The second is the impact of futures malls on spot malls. Recently, the price of rebar in the futures market has shook sharply, and the phenomenon of artificial speculation in the early stage has been contained. In the later period, changes in the futures market will inevitably have a certain impact on the spot market.


The third is the impact of changes in the market of material stores on the later construction of steel stores. Recently, the prices of domestic iron and steel materials such as coke, iron ore, graphite electrodes, ferroalloys, etc. have also risen, causing the production costs of steel mills to rise. The rigid cost support has caused the price of steel shopping malls to be shaken at a high level. Hong Kong Recycling Electronics


Fourth, the impact of the macro side on the later steel market. The recent top inspection has shown that it will resolutely rectify behaviors that seriously disrupt the order of financial shopping malls, resolutely investigate and deal with those "financial predators" who have nothing to do, and the "inner ghosts" who engage in power and money transactions and interest transfer, and implement effective supervision for listing of major cases. This will have an impact on futures markets for bulk products such as steel, which will then affect the market for steel spot markets.










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