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Small waste can also map the big economy, this line can be expected in the future

2008 年,那時廢鐵每斤賣到 1 9 ,壹斤能賺好幾毛。 "In terms of scrap collection, scrap metal is attributed to the 'high-grade goods' in the scrap. The price is high and the profit is relatively high." Lao Chen first collected scrap iron. The most glorious time was in 2008 . A catty sells for 9 yuan , and a catty can earn several cents. But then, the price of scrap iron plummeted, and a pound of scrap iron cost a few cents, not as expensive as cabbage.


According to the old statement, the price of scrap iron fell to the bottom of the previous year, and the amount was three cents. "If you ca n’t make any money, you wo n’t be able to pay 50,000 to 60,000 a year, but you have to support your family and pay off your mortgage?" Helpless, at the end of the previous year, Lao Chen switched to work in the cable business.


There are not a few kings who change careers like Lao Chen. Many of his colleagues have also changed their careers under the pressure of "old age without education".


8 毛錢壹斤;紙箱子、書本類的,收回價格也在 4 毛壹斤。 Ms. Bao, who has collected waste products, said that the recent market for waste products is still okay. The highest price is waste newspapers, which cost 8 cents a pound; for paper boxes and books, the recovery price is also 4 cents.


50 萬人,現在減為 30 萬人。”山東省再生資源協會秘書長邱明琦通知記者,廢品收回商場的低落仍在持續,全省廢品收回企業原有 5200 家,運營總量超越 1500 萬噸,總值超 400 億元,今年全體大幅度萎縮,削減三分之壹。 "Originally , the number of employees in the waste recycling industry in our province was 500,000 , which is now reduced to 300,000 ." Qiu Mingqi, secretary general of the Shandong Province Renewable Resources Association, told reporters that the decline in waste recycling malls is continuing, and the original waste recycling enterprises in the province are 5,200 . The total operating volume exceeded 15 million tons and the total value exceeded 40 billion yuan. This year, the whole has shrunk significantly, reducing by one third.


In Qiu Mingqi's view, since this year, not only small retail investors in urban centers, but also enterprises in all parts of the province will face promotion.


"The problem of" unorganized pollution "such as random construction, unlicensed operation, pollution of the environment, collection and sale of stolen goods, tax evasion, illegal dismantling, etc., has caused serious negative impact on the effectiveness of professional development. Qiu Mingqi said.


"From this point of view, it is necessary to organize the" scattered and polluted "enterprises." Qiu Mingqi introduced that now, our province is planning to introduce a work plan for the recovery of professional resources for the recovery of renewable resources.


2020 年,我省大中城市再生資源首要種類歸納收回率不低於 75% According to the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for the construction of the renewable resources recovery system in Shandong Province, by 2020 , the recovery rate of the primary types of renewable resources in large and medium-sized cities in our province is not less than 75% . 2000 萬噸左右,收回總值占我省國民生產總值 1.5% 左右。 The annual total amount of renewable resources recovered reaches about 20 million tons, and the total value of recovered resources accounts for about 1.5% of our province's GDP .


In accordance with the planning requirements, Shandong will formulate supporting policies and measures, scientifically select sites and gather forces from all sides, build intensive land of different sizes, green environmental protection, gathering operations, easy-to-handle renewable resource industrial parks or collection and collection areas.


"Linyi, Dongying, Binzhou, Yantai and other key areas of renewable resource collection areas, we must first promote the" circle-zone "management and park-based operations." Qiu Mingqi said that in the future occupations will be based on reasonable layout, industrial concentration, land intensive Eco-environmental protection requirements, promote the "circle zone" management, establish a park to guide enterprises and business households to enter the park and operate. At the same time, we must organically integrate inductive governance, industrial transformation and promotion, staffing, and social stability, and guide the green, low-carbon, and cyclical development of collection and distribution operators.


"Small scrap can also 'map' the big economy, and the decline in scrap prices is linked to the development of manufacturing." Qiu Mingqi said.


The waste recovery companies and employees have been greatly reduced. What is the market for waste recovery?


9 5 日,卓創資訊剖析師蔡玉婷向記者透露了壹組數據:到 2017 8 31 日,卓創資訊全國精爐料商場評價為 1607.54 / 噸,較 7 月同期評價上漲 63.83 / 噸,漲幅為 4.13% Taking scrap steel as an example, on September 5th , Zhuo Chuang information analyst Cai Yuting revealed a set of data to reporters: As of August 31 , 2017 , Zhuo Chuang Information ’s national precision furnace shopping mall evaluation was 1607.54 yuan / ton, compared with July Evaluation over the same period rose by 63.83 yuan / ton, an increase of 4.13% . Scrap steel prices are rebounding.


Cai Yuting said, first of all, some steel mills still have a bullish mentality on the later stage, or will improve scrap steel receipts and increase inventory; on the other hand, some electric arc furnaces may resume production in the later stage, and scrap resources are not surplus, so it is estimated The trend of scrap steel is still rising.


2016-2021 年我國廢舊物資收回加工職業商場前瞻與投資規劃剖析報告》以為:廢品收回職業的遠景都不會差。 The “ Foreseeing and Investment Planning Analysis Report of China ’s Waste Material Recovery and Processing Occupational Shopping Center 2016-2021 ” released by the Institute of Foresight Research and Industry recently believed that the prospects for the industry of waste recovery will not be bad.


However, some in the industry also think that a better career structure does not mean that it can rise in all aspects. In the future, the prices of some recovered products may bottom out and rise. However, due to the sluggish traditional manufacturing industry and the face of transformation, the economy has entered a new normal. It is difficult to recover the waste products to the glory of five or ten years ago. Hong Kong Recycling Electronics







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