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Demand is not improving, short-term steel prices may be difficult to break through

Publisher: Hong Kong Waste Recycling Company Release time: 2017-09-14 Read: 1657 times

13 日,全國鋼材商場價格盤整偏強運轉。 On September 13 , the price consolidation of the national steel shopping malls was on the strong side. 12 個城市螺紋鋼價格上漲 10-50 / 噸。 Rebar prices in 12 cities including Shanghai, Jinan, Beijing, Chongqing, and Xi'an rose by 10-50 yuan / ton. 熱軋板卷商場價格盤整偏強。 4.75 The hot-rolled coil market price consolidation is relatively strong. 8 個商場價格上漲 10 40 / 噸。 The prices of 8 shopping malls including Nanjing, Tianjin, Shenyang, and Chongqing increased by RMB 10-40 / ton. 中厚板商場價格盤整偏強。 The price consolidation of 20mm thick and medium plate shopping malls is relatively strong. 10 個商場價格上漲 10 40 ; 僅上海商場價格跌落 10 元。 The prices of 10 shopping malls , including Nanjing, Hefei, Guangzhou, Beijing, and Taiyuan, increased by 10-40 yuan ; only the prices of shopping malls in Shanghai fell by 10 yuan. Hong Kong Recycling Electronics


日早盤唐山鋼坯直發成交壹般偏弱,倉儲現貨由早盤的 3850-3860 漲至 3880-3890 含稅出庫均有成交 ; 期鋼震動運轉,現貨商場慎重操作為主,制品材賤價出貨尚可,全體顯壹般,午後鋼坯上漲 10 3800 / 噸,現金含稅。 On the 13th , the direct sales of Tangshan billet were generally weak in early trading, and the warehousing spot rose from 3850-3860 in early trading to 3880-3890 , and all transactions were included in the tax- exclusive warehouse ; The goods were acceptable, and all were the same. The billet rose by 10 to 3800 yuan / ton in the afternoon , including tax in cash.


3% 、焦煤跌逾 1% ,螺紋、熱卷、鐵礦石均小幅跌落。 The black series fell across the board. As of the close, ferrosilicon fell more than 3% , coking coal fell more than 1% , and thread, hot coil, and iron ore all fell slightly.


13 日收陰,承壓 20 日均線,下方第壹支撐位 3900 The main contract of the period screw closed on the 13th , under pressure on the 20- day moving average, and the first support below 3900 . MACD 目標綠柱增加, DIFF 線由上至下與 DEA 線相交。 The MACD target green bar on the daily chart increases, and the DIFF line intersects the DEA line from top to bottom . 目標三線坐落 45-60 區間。 The RSI target third line is located in the 45-60 range. The thread is running up and down the middle rail of the Bollinger Bands, and the overall technical goal is empty, and the callback may continue. 3% 止損位,但長線看多觀點不變。 The long position is still strictly set at the 3% stop loss level, but the long-term bullish view remains unchanged.


   日全國共有 8 家鋼廠發布調價信息,對鋼材價格進行了調整,起伏在 10 200 / 噸。 On the 13th , a total of 8 steel mills nationwide issued price adjustment information and adjusted the prices of steel products, with fluctuations ranging from 10 to 200 yuan / ton.


25 個首要城市 HRB400(20mm) 螺紋鋼均價 4272 / 噸,較上壹交易日價格上漲 7 / 噸。 Steel construction: The average price of HRB400 (20mm) rebar in the 25 major cities of the country is 4272 yuan / ton, an increase of 7 yuan / ton from the previous trading day . In early trading, driven by the sharp rise of the snail, merchants' quotations slightly increased, but the mid-day snail fell at a high level, the market looked at the air significantly, and the daily shipments were relatively deserted. It is estimated that the domestic construction of steel or the narrow vibration will operate tomorrow.


13 日全國 24 個商場 4.75mm 熱軋板卷價格報 4299 / 噸,較上壹交易日價格上漲 4 / 噸。 Hot-rolled coil: On the 13th , the price of 4.75mm hot-rolled coil in 24 shopping malls across the country was reported to be 4,299 yuan / ton, an increase of 4 yuan / ton from the previous trading day . 日期貨商場沖高回落,商場張望心情較濃,價格震動運轉。 On the 13th , the shopping malls soared back and forth, the shopping malls were in a strong mood, and the prices were shaking. Demand in shopping malls is currently weak, and the transaction status is relatively normal. However, there are relatively few inventory resources in shopping malls, coupled with the support of capital, it is estimated that the prices of hot-rolled shopping malls will fluctuate tomorrow.


24 個首要城市 1.0mm 冷軋板卷均價為 4814 / 噸,較上壹交易價格上漲 7 / 噸。 Cold-rolled coils: The average price of 1.0mm cold-rolled coils in 24 major cities across the country is 4814 yuan / ton, which is 7 yuan / ton higher than the previous transaction price . 10 月份期貨價格,從各地商場反應狀況來看,此波提價反應低迷。 Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel have successively raised October futures prices. From the perspective of the response of shopping malls around the world, this wave of price hikes has been sluggish. Although the environmental protection inspection is nearing its end, transactions in shopping malls are still weak, and terminal acquisitions are not heavy. It is estimated that the price will fluctuate slightly tomorrow.


24 個首要城市中厚板均價 4189 / 噸,較上壹交易日價格上漲 8 / 噸。 Plate: The average price of plate in 24 major cities across the country is 4,189 yuan / ton, up 8 yuan / ton from the previous trading day . 日期貨商場沖高回落,商場張望心情較濃,商場需求全體壹般。 On the 13th , the shopping mall soared back and down, the shopping mall was in a strong mood, and the shopping mall demand was the same. It is estimated that the prices of medium and heavy plate shopping malls will fluctuate tomorrow.


13 日,京唐港 61.5% 澳洲粉礦報 570 / 噸,與昨日價格持平。 Imported mines: On the 13th , 61.5% Australian fines at Jingtang Port reported 570 yuan / ton, which was the same as yesterday's price. 日港口現貨商場橫盤整理,買賣雙方博弈嚴峻,成交偏弱。 On the 13th , the port spot market was sideways, the game between the buyer and the seller was severe, and the transaction was weak. Steel mills are still cautious about replenishing warehouses, shopping malls are in a low mood, and traders have recently faced heavy pressure on shipments. However, due to the expectation of pre-holiday replenishment of warehouses, they have maintained a stable attitude towards later shopping malls and have not cut prices.


13 日,國內焦炭現貨商場強勢運轉,華東、華北漲 100 大面積執行,交投稍有收緊跡象。 Coke: On the 13th , domestic coke spot shopping malls were in strong operation, with East China and North China rising by 100 large areas for execution, with slight signs of tightening in trading. 2050-2080 / 噸,河北邯鄲區域二級冶金焦出廠含稅 2210 / ; 唐山二級到廠 2260-2320 / 噸,華東區域焦炭商場現二級幹流報價 2250-2300 / 噸,均為出廠含稅價。 The current price of secondary main stream in Shanxi regional coke market is 2050-2080 yuan / ton, the factory-level secondary metallurgical coke in Handan, Hebei includes 2210 yuan / ton tax ; the Tangshan second-stage plant is 2260-2320 yuan / ton, and the east China regional coke market is second. The main stream price is 2250-2300 yuan / ton, which are ex-factory tax-included prices.


13 日,廢鋼商場暫穩,成交壹般。 Scrap: On the 13th , the scrap mall was temporarily stable and the transaction was general. 1900-1960 / ; 山東區域重廢價格在 1810-1880 / 噸。 The price of heavy waste in Jiangsu is maintained at 1900-1960 yuan / ton ; the price of heavy waste in Shandong is 1810-1880 yuan / ton. 1700-1790 / 噸。 The price of heavy waste in shopping malls in Zhejiang is between 1700-1790 yuan / ton. 2090-2230 / 噸,以上均為含稅到廠價格。 The tax-included price of heavy waste in Hebei region is 2090-2230 yuan / ton, and the above prices are tax-included to the factory price.


日國內鋼價震動回暖,心態暫時得到安穩。 On the 13th , domestic steel prices shook back, and their mentality was temporarily stabilized. 10 月鋼廠方針上調推進,早盤期貨走勢達觀,加之鋼坯出現偏強運轉,現貨商場大都得以窄幅上漲。 Due to the upward adjustment of steel mill policies in October , the trend of early-day futures is up to the mark, and the billet appears to be in strong operation, and most of the spot malls have been able to rise within a narrow range. Merchants responded that terminal acquisitions were still looking at the time, the essential demand did not improve, and the pressure on inventory sales remained unchanged. In addition, the current upside-down will increase the loss of businesses, and the terminal's tolerance for high prices will decline, which may continue to suppress steel prices. It is estimated that the trend of shopping malls continues to consolidate.








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