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It is expected that the domestic steel price may continue to fluctuate slightly next week.

Publisher: Hong Kong Waste Recycling Company Time: 2017-09-18 Read: 1012 times

(9 9 日至 9 15 ) 國內鋼材商場全體偏弱運轉,特別後半周在黑色系期貨大幅下挫影響下,商場心情轉向弱勢,同時下流收購張望顯著,現貨全體跌幅有所擴展。 This week (September 9th to September 15th ), all domestic steel shopping malls are running weakly, especially in the second half of the week, due to the sharp decline in black-based futures, the mood of the shopping malls has turned weak, meanwhile, low-end acquisitions have seen significant changes, and the overall decline in the spot has expanded .


This week, domestic billet prices fluctuated lower. 9 15 日,唐山本地及昌黎普方坯出廠 3700 / 噸,較上星期五的 3830 / 噸降 130 / 噸,現金含稅。 Tangshan billet was affected by the suspension of production of billet and rolling mills, and prices were lowered. As of September 15 , Tangshan and Changli Pu billets had left the factory at 3,700 yuan / ton, down 130 yuan / ton from last Friday's 3,830 yuan / ton. Cash included tax.


日,唐山鋼市連續弱勢,鋼坯成交壹般 ; 下流制品材價格全體小幅下調,詳細成交如下: On the 16th , Tangshan Steel City continued to be weak, and billet transactions were the same ; the prices of inferior products were all slightly reduced. The detailed transactions are as follows:

30 ,幹流報 4020 ,全體商場成交壹般 ; 唐山 355 帶鋼商場現貨價格降 20-30 ,不含稅幹流報 3650-3680 ,商場成交偏弱。 Tangshan Small Narrowband dropped by 30 , the main stream reported at 4020 , and all the shopping malls traded the same ; Tangshan 355 strip steel malls saw a spot price drop of 20-30 , and the tax-free mainstream stream reported at 3650-3680 , the shopping mall transactions were weak.


10-40 ,盤中工字槽鋼部分下調 20 ,現幹流報價工字 4200-4220 ,槽鋼 4180-4200 ,角鋼 4280 ,全體成交弱。 Tangshan section steel fell by 10-40 in the morning , and the I-channel section was lowered by 20 during the session . The main stream quoted I-word is 4200-4220 , channel steel is 4180-4200 , and angle steel is 4280. The overall transaction is weak.


30 ,不含稅幹流報 3780-3790 ,商場成交偏弱。 Tangshan scaffolding pipe dropped 30 , the main stream excluding tax reported 3780-3790 , the market turnover was weak.


4660 ,小螺紋 4150 左右,大螺紋 3980-4000 ,盤螺 4400 Beijing Building Materials Shopping Center consolidates and looks around, Hegang Steel Wire 4660 , small thread about 4150 , large thread 3980-4000 , disc screw 4400 .


30 14-25mm 普板幹流報價 4050 ,錳板 4200 Tangshan medium plate price dropped 30 , 14-25mm ordinary plate quoted mainstream price 4050 , manganese plate 4200 .


60 3.0 4180 5.5mm 幹流開平 4160 ,錳開平 4270 Tangshan hot roll down 60 , 3.0 roll 4180 , 5.5mm main stream Kaiping 4160 , manganese Kaiping 4270 .


3750 含稅出庫成交顯難 ; 下流制品材商場全體偏弱運轉,商家張望心態濃。 The billet straight hair slightly improved, and the 3750 main-storage spot stream with tax was very difficult to go out of the warehouse ; the entire low-end product mall was running weakly, and the merchants had a strong mentality.


9 15 日,京唐港 61.5%PB 粉幹流價格 565 / 噸,港口濕噸車板價,周比降 15 / ; 唐山本地二級焦炭 2290 / 噸,含稅承兌到廠,周比漲 100 / ;66% 鐵精粉 720 / 噸,幹基含稅現匯到廠,周比相等。 Surplus status: As of September 15th , the price of Jingtang Port ’s 61.5% PB powder mainstream price was 565 yuan / ton, and the port price of wet tonnage of the vehicle fell by 15 yuan / ton weekly ; Tangshan local secondary coke was 2290 yuan / ton, including tax Accepted to the factory, weekly increase of 100 yuan / ton ; 66% iron fines 720 yuan / ton, dry basis and tax are remitted to the factory, weekly ratio is equal. 2100-2200 / 噸之間,折合鋼坯含稅本錢為 2700-2800 / 噸,周比上漲 50 / 噸,與 9 15 日的普方坯幹流出廠價格 3700 / 噸比較,理論核算鋼企盈余 900 1000 / 噸,贏利水平周比下降 180 / 噸。 The survey results show that the real-time cost-free hot metal cost of steel companies in Tangshan region is between 2100-2200 yuan / ton, and the tax-included cost of steel billet is 2700-2800 yuan / ton, which is 50 yuan / ton higher than in September . On the 15th , compared with the ex-factory price of 3,700 yuan / ton for ordinary billet , the theoretical calculation of the steel company's surplus is 900 to 1,000 yuan / ton, and the profit level has decreased by 180 yuan / ton.


164 座高爐中有 32 座檢修 ( 含停產 ) ,檢修高爐容積算計 17110m 3 ; 影響產值約 37.7 萬噸,產能利用率 85.79% ,與上星期相等。 Blast Furnace Production Status: On Friday , 32 of the 164 blast furnaces in Tangshan area were repaired ( including shutdown ) , and the volume of the repaired blast furnace was calculated to be 17,110 m 3 ; the output value was about 377,000 tons, and the capacity utilization rate was 85.79% , which was the same as last week. 2016 年去產能篩選高爐後產能利用率約在 94.97% ,與上星期相等。 Excluding the capacity reduction screening in 2016 , the capacity utilization rate was about 94.97% , which was the same as last week.


9 15 日唐山首要庫房及港口同口徑計算鋼坯庫存 26.41 萬噸,較上星期添加 1.98 萬噸,庫存續增部分直發受阻被逼入庫,後期或仍有添加趨勢。 Tangshan billet inventory changes: On September 15 , Tangshan's main warehouse and port calculated the billet inventory at 264,100 tons, an increase of 19,800 tons from last week . The continued increase in inventory was blocked by direct shipments and was still added in the later period.


25 145 帶鋼廠產能利用率為 28.60% ,較上星期下降 3.26%; Smelting and rolling mill start-up status: The capacity utilization rate of 25 145 strip mills in Tangshan this week was 28.60% , which was 3.26% lower than last week ;


20 232 系列帶鋼廠產能利用率為 59.97% ,較上星期上升 1.26%; 本周唐山區域 71 條型鋼出產線產能利用率為 36.7% ,周環比下降 10.28% The capacity utilization rate of 20 232 series strip mills in Tangshan this week was 59.97% , an increase of 1.26% from last week ; this week, the utilization rate of 71 profile steel production lines in Tangshan area was 36.7% , which was a week-on-month decrease of 10.28% .


This week's environmentally-friendly finishing fermentation, and downstream slab rolling mills that have not obtained a sewage discharge license have stopped production throughout. Manufacturers are less enthusiastic about the purchase of slabs, and their billet inventory has increased.


In the Tangshan region, billet rolling mills stopped production this week, and environmental protection was intensified later in the week. Rolling mills halted production throughout the country. Demand for billets fell sharply, and prices finally came under pressure. Looking at it now, due to the impact of the demand side, the contradiction between supply and demand in the billet mall is prominent. Low-end rolling mills have very low willingness to purchase billets due to suspension of production. Most manufacturers only purchase low-cost and small quantities. Being forced into the warehouse, and even some straight hair billets were once sold below the ex-factory price for the day, and the merchants' mentality was weak. The unilateral downward movement of billets has been significant in the past two days, but considering that the product inventory pressure of downstream steel rolling mills has been reduced, and the demand for billets will continue to recover after continuous production in the later period, short-term prices will be relatively low or there will be a certain supply of billets. Therefore, in the short term, the decline of slabs may be narrowed, and the overall trend is weak.


It is estimated that the domestic steel prices may continue to weaken and shake the operating situation next week, and some regions may stabilize.


1 、本周商場、鋼廠庫存連續添加態勢。 In detail, 1 , this week, the stocks of shopping malls and steel mills continued to increase. 1010.47 萬噸,周環比添加 18.58 萬噸 ; 全國 139 家建材鋼廠廠內庫存總量為 276.33 萬噸,周環比添加 6.47 萬噸 ; The national social steel stocks this week were 1.0104 million tons, with a weekly addition of 185,800 tons ; the total in-house inventory of 139 building materials steel plants nationwide was 2,763,300 tons, and a weekly addition of 64,700 tons ;


、本周鋼廠產值小幅上升,現在鋼廠贏利豐盛,全體產值保持高位水平 ; 2. The output value of steel mills has risen slightly this week. Now the steel mills are profitable and the overall output value remains at a high level ;


、近期需求體現不及預期,特別是高位資源成交不暢。 3. The recent demand reflects less than expected, especially the high-level resource transactions are not smooth. However, some merchants have reported that steel mills have continued to maintain prices recently, and the actual turnover has been high and difficult. Now they have faced a large loss, and they are not willing to continue to fall. Hong Kong Recycling Electronics










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