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Psychological factors are greater than substantial factors, and it is highly likely that steel prices will continue to rise in the short term

Publisher: Hong Kong Waste Recycling Company Release time: 2017-09-20 Read: 865

80-120 / 噸,記得上次這麽大漲幅的時分是在 8 月上旬,也是受煤改氣方針影響,鋼市“金九銀十”正式到來。 The steel shopping mall that had been shaken up once again was "crazy" under the news. The price rose by 80-120 yuan / ton per day. I remember that the last time such a large increase was in early August , and it was also affected by the coal-to-gas policy The "Golden Nine Silver Ten" of the Steel City officially arrived. Hong Kong Recycling Electronics


14 日因環保督查唐山豐潤區調坯軋鋼企業已全部停產,其間包含部分現已完成煤改氣企業,估計工期 30-45 天。 On the 14th , due to environmental protection inspection, all the billet-rolling and rolling mills in Fengshan District of Tangshan have been shut down. Among them, some enterprises that have completed coal-to-gas conversion have been completed . There are only a few large manufacturers selling all Tang profiles, and some products are in short supply. Affected by this, the prices of Tangshan section steel have been increased sharply, the transactions in shopping malls are lively, and some of them are reluctant to sell.


2017 年計劃》,本年主要在 8 個職業施行工業企業采暖季錯峰出產。 2. According to the " 2017 Plan", this year, mainly in eight occupational industrial enterprises, the heating season was staggered. Implement classified management in iron and steel occupations, and draw up a plan to stop production with staggered peaks in accordance with the performance level of pollution emissions. 50% ,以高爐出產能力計,選用企業實踐用電量核實。 In key cities such as Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Handan, and Anyang, the production capacity of steel in the heating season is limited to 50% . Based on the production capacity of the blast furnace, enterprises are selected to verify the actual electricity consumption. 2+26 ”城市 ( 京津冀大氣汙染傳輸通道上的北京、天津以及河北、山西、山東、河南 26 個城市 ) 要做好鋼鐵、焦化、有色、電力、化工等觸及大宗原材料及產品運送的要點用車企業篩查,摸清產能與原材料運送份額結構,結合職業錯峰出產要求,擬定“壹廠壹策”的采暖季錯峰運送施行計劃。 At the same time, the state requires that " 2 + 26 " cities ( Beijing, Tianjin, and 26 cities in Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, and Henan on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei air pollution transmission channel ) should do a good job in iron and steel, coking, nonferrous metals, power, chemical industry, etc. Touching the main points of bulk raw materials and product delivery, screening by car companies, figuring out the production capacity and raw material delivery share structure, combined with occupational peak production requirements, formulate the "one plant and one policy" heating season peak transportation implementation plan. 2+26 ”城市工業企業采暖季錯峰出產將成為大宗產品價格上漲的重要助推力量。 It is not difficult to see that the production of " 2 + 26 " urban industrial enterprises that staggers during the heating season will become an important booster for the price increase of bulk products.


30.02% ,周環比降 17% ,受停產影響後期開工率還會連續下降,這對型材商場來講是肯定利好。 This week, the shopping mall operating rate is 30.02% , and the week-on-week decline is 17% . The operating rate will continue to decline in the later period due to the suspension of production, which is definitely positive for the profile mall. 8 月初期跟著煤改氣方針的提出,部分鋼廠現已首先開端改造,而部分鋼廠更是加大馬力加速出產。 Recall that following the introduction of the coal-to-gas policy in early August , some steel mills have now begun to transform, and some steel mills have increased their horsepower to accelerate production. 8 月份商場整體開工率在 60% 左右,部分鋼廠積累了必定量的庫存,所以接下來停產的日子裏,鋼廠暫時能夠應對。 As can be seen from the figure below, in August , the overall operating rate of the mall was around 60% , and some steel mills have accumulated a certain amount of inventory, so in the days when the production is stopped, the steel mill can temporarily cope with it.


Following the continuous shutdown of the steel mill, the supply of material billets will be subject to certain restrictions, and the phenomenon of oversupply cannot be prevented, and there is no shortage of downside in the future. In practice, there is no significant improvement in terminal demand, and the purchase of profiles is mainly based on demand. Therefore, steel mills and traders, and traders and traders operate more frequently. The main point is to pay attention to the news surface and futures support.


From the above description, it can be seen that the recent positive information on spot shopping malls has significant points that support the shopping malls. The "mind" factor is greater than the "substantial" factor, and it is highly likely that prices will continue to rise in the short term.













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