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With the acceleration of the upgrade frequency of electronic products, where have all the waste appliances gone?

Publisher: Hong Kong Waste Recycling Company Time: 2020-03-26 Reading: 1220 times

With the acceleration of the upgrading frequency of electronic products, more and more electrical and electronic products have been replaced. However, many formal take-back companies have shown that they cannot receive waste home appliances. ? 香港回收电子 So, where are all the waste appliances replaced and screened by ordinary people ? Hong Kong Recycling Electronics

? In the gates of residential districts in many cities, you can see vendors who collect waste household appliances on tricycles. The common people sell waste household appliances selected from their homes to these small vendors. Then these vendors sell the collected waste household appliances to Where is it ?

According to the vendor, the received waste home appliances were given to the take-back outlets around the community. However, according to the rules of the Management Measures for Disposal of Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Products, the rules for the management of these waste take-back outlets do not have the qualifications to take back electrical and electronic products. Return some waste household appliances at will to dispose at will, and disassemble directly, and then sell iron and aluminum.


Subsequently, the reporter followed a truck full of used household appliances and arrived at a waste collection yard located in the suburban junction. I saw workers dismantling these used household appliances in an environment without any protective measures. The spare parts are randomly placed in the courtyard.


Experts show that discarding home appliances is different from ordinary discards. Random dismantling will be harmful to the human body and the environment. Therefore, it should be operated by a professional and qualified enterprise. 28% 的廢家電可以經過正規途徑進行處理,在我國,現在可以經過正規企業處理的廢舊家電更是少之又少。 However, according to an evaluation statement of the United Nations University, only 28% of waste household appliances can be disposed of through formal channels. In China, there are very few waste household appliances that can now be disposed of by regular enterprises. Wang Jianming, a person in charge of an environmental protection industrial development company, told reporters that there is no subsidy for any used appliances, which is attributable to a loss.


120 元的拆解產物,私家作坊本錢極低,壹起,正規的拋棄電子產品處理企業,老百姓卻連聯系方式都找不到。 Taking the refrigerator as an example, evenly disassembling a refrigerator can produce 120 yuan of dismantling products. The cost of private workshops is extremely low. At the same time, ordinary people abandon electronic product processing enterprises, but ordinary people cannot find their contact information. Maybe, by strengthening the connection between recovery channels and formal enterprises, and together with more support for formal enterprises, this professional talent can develop healthily.






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