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Recycling Category: Hong Kong Departure Bonded Materials Recycling

Hong Kong Waste Recycling Company is a company specializing in the recovery of bonded materials returned from Hong Kong. The main business involves the environmentally friendly recycling of industrial waste, waste electronics, computers, plastics, and metals from foreign companies; the destruction of defective products, confidential documents (CDs, etc.) ; The company undertakes one-stop environmental destruction, recycling and other projects of materials that are returned to Hong Kong.

   This type of recycling is for major bonded factories, manufacturing enterprises, and individual individuals to recycle waste products, inferior products, waste raw materials, and scraps that need to be returned to Hong Kong during the production process, including: waste computers, mobile phones, waste electrical appliances, and electronic components. , Electronic accessories, waste wire, waste paper, etc.

     , 各大小工商採用高科技的技术研製出更具竞争力的产品 , 但在生产过程当中 , 总有些不合格品或剩馀部品需要报废处理 . 这是无可避免的 . 所以为保障技术不会外泄 , 或部品不会被盗用 , 废品的处理方法就更加需要审慎安排 . 而物料本身大部份的物料可供回收再造之用 . 所以我司现提供工商成品部件毁灭处理服务 , 为各大小工商团体机构 , 毁灭处理各类型的废品 . 为企业节省成本,创造最大的利益。 With the rapid development of science and technology , businesses of all sizes use high-tech technology to develop more competitive products , but in the production process, there are always some substandard products or remaining parts that need to be disposed of . This is unavoidable . To ensure that the technology will not be leaked or the components will not be stolen , the disposal method of waste products needs to be carefully arranged . And most of the materials themselves can be used for recycling . Therefore, our company now provides industrial and commercial finished product parts destruction treatment services. For various large and small industrial and commercial organizations , destroy and deal with various types of waste products . Save costs for enterprises and create the greatest benefits.