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Plastic pellets

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Plastic pellets

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大量回收工厂各类塑胶制品、塑件原材料、废塑料、塑料制品,品质保证,欢迎洽谈。 Hong Kong Waste Recycling Company recycles all kinds of plastic products, raw materials of plastic parts, waste plastics and plastic products in the factory. The quality is guaranteed. Welcome to negotiate.

ABS PVC PP PC POM PBT PC 胶头 ,ABS 水口料、 PC 水口料等。 Including industrial rubber products, agricultural rubber products, plexiglass products, electronic plastic products, plastic housings, plastic parts and accessories, etc., specifically include: silicone, acrylic, miscellaneous rubber heads, nozzle materials, silicone rubber, ABS , PVC , PP , PC , POM , PBT , PC rubber head , ABS nozzle, PC nozzle and so on.