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About us / ABOUT

About us / ABOUT

专业提供工业电子废弃物环保回收和电子物料销毁处理服务,总部位于香港新界,在香港具有环保销毁处理场地及回收处理资质;公司主要业务涉及外企退港报废工业废料、废旧电子、电脑、塑胶、金属环保再生;不良产品、机密文档(光碟等)的销毁服务;公司承担退港物料一站式环保销毁回收等项目; Hong Kong Waste Recycling Company specializes in providing environmentally friendly recycling of industrial electronic wastes and electronic material destruction and disposal services. Headquartered in Hong Kong New Territories, it has environmental destruction disposal and recycling qualifications in Hong Kong; the company's main business involves foreign companies returning to Hong Kong for scrapping industrial waste, waste electronics, Environmentally friendly recycling of computers, plastics, and metals; destruction services for bad products and confidential documents (CDs, etc.); the company undertakes one-stop environmentally friendly destruction and recycling of returned materials;

企业、代加工企业提供一站式退港服务,和逆物流解决方桉。 Provide one-stop withdrawal services for enterprises in bonded areas and on behalf of processing enterprises, and reverse logistics solutions. To achieve "strict treatment, thorough treatment, trustworthy treatment, and environmental protection treatment" of customers' environmentally-friendly materials, reduce unnecessary tax costs for enterprises, protect the brand and intellectual property rights of the enterprise, and recycle the waste materials after destruction for the enterprise Bring considerable economic benefits, reduce environmental pollution, and extend the corporate social responsibility image to achieve a win-win situation between economy and environment!

  The Hong Kong Waste Recycling and Disposal Center operates strictly in accordance with the guidelines of the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department during the entire environmental protection process. Therefore, it has established a good reputation in the industry, its business is constantly developing, and the scope of its partners has also expanded. Electronic manufacturing companies become long-term partners. Whether you are recycling electronic waste, destroying electronic waste, or exporting and exporting to Hong Kong, we will provide you with the most intimate service!